Outbound Campaign & Data Management

Unlock incredible outbound dialing results – with Amazon Connect

Complete campaign control

Easily create concurrent outbound dialing campaigns with the intuitive 4connect campaign setup wizard.

With just a few clicks, you can pause and play campaigns manually, or define when they run in different timezones.

4connect also allows you to effortlessly report on and optimize campaign performance. You can easily copy, edit, and start new campaigns to continually improve outbound dialing results.

Data and API icon.

Easy, automated importing & data cleaning

Import data lists in minutes with the 4connect CSV list importer, or use our APIs and CRM integrations to import and sync data in real time.

Records can be screened against internal and external do-not-call lists, to ensure compliant outbound dialing. And it’s easy to remove duplicates and invalid records, to ensure that your callers are making effective contact.

Intelligent record prioritization

4connect allows you to easily define how you will prioritize different records in each campaign, helping you get in contact with people more likely to convert.

As an example, you might have the following priority logic:

  1. Scheduled callbacks
  2. New inbound leads
  3. Leads at risk of leaking from the sales funnel
  4. Cold leads

You can be extremely granular in defining prioritization logic. For example, you might like to prioritize stay-at-home parents from 10am-12pm, after they’ve dropped their kids off at school, and get in touch with office workers between 5-7pm, after they’ve finished work.

Connect better with your customers